Building sustainability

How buildings can be made more sustainable

Buildings are really important building blocks of economical development. Buildings are responsible for 30% of global energy consumption, the biggest single contributor to world energy consumption and 27% of total energy sector emissions (International Energy Agency report 2022 –>). By transforming buildings to be energy efficient and sustainable, climate change can also be tackled. We at Aurodrishti create products & solutions using digital technologies to make buildings more sustainable, a necessary step for the future of our planet.

Our products help improve environmental and economic condition with

  • Reduced energy consumption from lighting
  • Reduced energy consumption of HVAC system and other equipments in the building
  • Helping optimise usage of building spaces

We help improve sustainaibility of buildings by

  • By introducing occupancy based automatic lighting, HVAC and other building equipment control
  • Unleashing power of IOT by connecting lighting and other building equipment to view/control complementing automatic control
  • By providing building space usage data we help in making building space usage more efficient